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Date: 2018-02-23 14:38

I 8767 ve been dating a Jamaican for a year and
A half for the last five months we 8767 ve
Been apart. At the beginning he treated
Me special took me out surprised me with
Gifts in the form of cash, he took me out
Shopping, cooked for me just spoiled me
Then my car broke and after several
Attempts to fix it he gave up and
Told me he would take me to and from
Work. Well he did for about a week then he
Had me and my four year old out in
The cold at four in the morning riding the
Bus. I worked 67 hour shifts and seen him
Only at night. One day I found a text in
His phone and asked him about it he
Laughed and said it was a client so I
Called and she confirmed. A month later
Same female text him and he text her
Back saying that I destroyed his life, I
Went off called her and she told me
Everything including a couple of
Lies she throw in there. he told her
To lie to me the month before, and to
Top it that was the day I found out I
Was pregnant. That night we slept in
Different rooms he talked to her on
The phone telling her our problems so
The next day I went to my apartment. He
Gave me money to abort the baby I instead
Choose life he was mad and said he was
Moving back East and I 8767 m on my own I said
Okay and on New Years he shows up at my
Door saying sorry and will I marry him I laughed
And said no thinking he was playing.
He stayed all day with me and the next
Then he stared inviting back over to the house
Then he started being rude not showing up not
Calling, so I stop calling him then he called me.
It went on like this till I had the baby his first girl
He came to the hospital very supportive named
Her after his deceased mother. When I got
Out the hospital he came to give me a ride
To get my medicine and said he wanted to try
Moving in a house together and even though
We tried looking for a house before and became
Stress in the process I told him I would do it
But I informed him that the money I saved to
Moved was no longer available because I spent
It on the baby. He said okay he figured. So
From that day own we were out house searching
All day even though I just got out the hospital
From having a baby. While looking for a house
He asked if his friend could move in I said NO
Several times he finally said okay. We find a
House, I get it in my name he paid and the second
Day I went to move small items in his friend
And his friends futon,tv,clothes,and dog, everything
Was in my living room with his feet kicked up
And smoking weed. I went off he said his friend
Wasn 8767 t going anywhere it was hell in that house,
he hit me For the first time. my car broke he left me in
The hot house I went through post depression
He had no respect his thirteen year old son had to nothing
Around the house but play on the computer
His friend was rude he took up for his friend it was hell.
One day he kicked me because I wanted him
To stop sleeping in the car hiding from the
Crying baby ad I bust his window out in the car
He had no respect. He was talking to a young
Girl he gave his old phone to. I put him and his
Son out but he came back the next day he called
My at this time four year old daughter a bitch but
Apologized to her only to do it again behind my back
He treated her bad when I went back to work
I know this because I had a nanny camera. So
He came to me said he was moving out
Leaving me to cover the high house note he
Move didn 8767 t tell me where I found out and
The girl he would talk to on the phone he gave her
Was staying with him I went off took our *censored*
Over there he kept her and eventually brought
Her back. I moved and now he doesn 8767 t know
Where I live and after I found out where he
Lived he moved again and I believe the girl
Is there. Lately he 8767 s been answering my calls
Tried to hug me and acting totally different
When I told him not to have our daughter around that girl
After she called her raggedy and put her weave
In her diaper, he said what girl. As if she 8767 s gone.
He always bring something special clothes money
Whatever for my now five year old daughter a
Piece of me think it 8767 s because he feels bad for
Treating her that way after finding out she has
ADHD. I think he misses me now and see 8767 s how
Stupid he 8767 s been that is why he answers, calls
To get the babyN, tell my *censored* she can come
With him, try to hug me and holds a conversation
With me. This man has taking my heart from me.
I want him back but how do we get passed all
That 8767 s happened he bust my window out , I bust his
He bleached my clothes and put flour and water
All over my floors, I embarrassed him in front
Of his friends, how can we get pass all that?
I know he loves me and crazy me still love him.
What can I say? What can I do? I want him back

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Hi Connie,
I was in a similar situation to yours. I was with a MARRIED jamaican man for a total of nine years. He charmed me and swept me off my feet. I had never met anyone so charming, sexy, and so into me before. Sex was great and so passionate every time. I thought that I was keeping things in perspective as far as playing my role as a mistress but before I realized after some time that my feelings ran deeper than I thought. I too never thought that I would have been in such a scandalous situation and I struggled with that daily. I was committed to him although he wasn 8767 t with me come to find out later he was with several other women too. None the less, He eventually left his wife and we moved in together. I was so enamored by the swagger that Jamaican men often have. Their way with words, their protectiveness of their 8766 mummi 8767 , confident way of walking, dressing, and speaking ect but those very qualities became the source of my nightmarish reality very quickly. I am a west indian woman myself from Trinidad living in nyc (lots of jamaicans here) and I 8767 m no authority on Jamaican men by any means but I can only tell you from my experience that jamaican men are best suited for jamaican women. You are no match for what they are capable of dishing out!! I 8767 m sure of of them dont settle down with jamaican women (there is a reason for that and he will tell you-listen carefully!!) but best believe he will be sleeping with one or more on the side. It is a very tight knit culture and they LOVE being with one another to the exclusion of others. Also, long term flagrant infidelity, random baby mamas is not a big deal AT ALL. Not all jamaican men are like that but my ex and All his friends family and associates were cheating a lot, abusive (in various ways), and unapologetically so. Furthermore, what goes around does come back around was the lesson I learned dearly so consider your actions. I am not judging as I was in a similar situation but if you have an opportunity to get out-get out NOW. Trust me you won 8767 t be thinking about how good the sex is when trouble comes knocking bc it WILL!! Long story short, I ended up having to literally run away from this 8766 charming 8767 man and go into hiding bc I was tired of his constant abusiveness (physical, sexual, emotional, financial, psychological) which he felt was acceptable behavior that I should have just dealt with. Some Jamaican men (other men too) won 8767 t let you walk away that easily even though he acted like he wouldn 8767 t care if I ever left. Not the case. He found me beat and choked me and put a loaded gun to my head in broad day light because I wouldn 8767 t come back home. I 8767 m sure your situation Is not as grave and dangerous as mine and I 8767 m not trying to scare you but I NEVER imagined that I would be living in fear for my life behind a 8766 simple 8767 affair. Nothing good will come of this situation. Take control while you have the chance

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